Community School Information

 NBCHS is ‘a diverse community striving for excellence, promoting mutual respect, and preparing students for the challenges of tomorrow.’             

I am Miss Amber Kotzer, the School Liaison at the NBCHS.  I am looking forward to another exciting school year with lots of excitement in the months to come.  I am currently   I am currently working towards bringing different speakers, groups and planning ideas for events for the student body so keep checking back regularly or check out the board outside my door next to the vending machine (mmm candy)  And my door is always open so come visit me in the SSO if you want to sign up for a group or have an idea of your own, for the students are the what makes life at the school go round so make the most of it.  Try new things, for you never know if you really do not like something until you have TRIED IT.

Life in high school, no matter what grade you are in can be tricky.  There are lots of changes and new pressures (at home and at school) that come with growing up.  Remember that there are always people there for you whether it be a teacher, friend, counsellor or another important role model, so when you need support, ask for it.  And sometimes if you are not sure where to go, you can come to my office and we can figure at the next step in your journey.

So remember the staff at NBCHS are here to support and encourage our students to keep their heads above the water and not to let issues take control of their lives and lead them down a path where they may feel like they are not worthy or capable of leading a healthy and productive life.

 And again my door is always open so come visit me in the SSO if you want to sign up for a group or have an idea of your own or just want to raid the Starburst Jar :)

At NBCHS, there are many programs available to our students and their families to address and deal with issues that our young people may be facing.  If we do not have a program to address an issue we are able to find resources from our community through referrals and partnerships to help meet the needs of our students and their families. 


Some programs at NBCHS include: 


·         Breakfast/ Lunch Program

·         Community School Council

·         Cultural Activities

·         “My Rules” – Girls Group (More information to come soon)       

·         Smokers Support Group (Stay tuned)

·         Small Changes, Big Results- Healthy Living Group (Running Fridays from September 21st to October 19th)

·         Anti-Bullying Campaign / Pink Day

·         Be the Change/WE DAY

·         Good Food Box – Orders to start Mid-September

·         Information and Referrals to Community Agencies

·         Speakers and Informational Sessions for Students


New groups are always coming up so check back for updates!!


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact myself at 445-6101; ext.329.  Or email me at