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Career Planning


Plan your own unique journey - whether it involves a trade, college, university, entrepreneurship or other training - learn about schools and opportunities - use your school username and password to access the site.  Don't forget to check out the personality and interest surveys.  They might help you find a career that is perfect for YOU!

Credit Checklist

A great tool for selecting high school courses.  Reach your dreams by planning early.  Visit a counsellor at the SSO to determine classes for your desired career path.  As well, use this form to be sure you meet the provincial and  NBCHS Graduation Requirements. 

Curious about math strands and what courses lead to what future options?  Check out the Math Course Recommendations handout to plan your future!

Important Forms

Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards

Scholar Tree
Sign up to gain access to a large databank of Canadian scholarships.

Scholarships CanadaSign up to search through an extensive database to find scholarships, bursaries and grants.

Saskatchewan Scholarships
Yet another site to help you find money for school.  Searching for the ideal scholarship is timely - but the benefits are worth it!

Educational Enhancement Award
Help pay for summer educational opportunities.

Indigenous Scholarship Opportunities- visit the Indspire website for a listing of currently available scholarships.  Be sure to click on the right side 'Guide for Indigenous Students'.


Student Financial Assistance - Government of Canada


Saskatchewan Student Loan - Government of Saskatchewan

Find information on planning for post-secondary, student loans, grants and scholarships.  Canada's Education Savings and Student Financial Aid information too!


Scholarship Basics:

Scholarships listed by month due . . .


Transcript Information

Most post-secondary institutions require official transcripts in order to process applications.  They can be ordered (5 transcripts/$20) and sent electronically to the institute.

SK Ministry of Education (for ordering transcripts)

Instructions on How to Navigate the Transcript Site:

Post-Secondary Options

Students can choose from a number of post-secondary institutes, just be sure to ALWAYS check for current updates regarding requirements. 

If you are attending an out-of-country univsersity/college, you will have to write the SAT or ACT exam.  Please contact the institute to see which test they prefer.  Also note that registration is required, a fee is charged and you must arrange to write it early in the year.  Student Guides are available at the SSO.


Teacher Resources

Other Important Websites​​​​

Young Worker Readiness Certificate

If you are 14 or 15 and wish to work in Saskatchewan, this program will help prepare you.  Bonus . . . it's free!


Student Youth Apprenticeship Program

Earn hours, get experience and save money by completing your SYA passport.  See the SSO for more information.

Apprenticeship Credits - What are they and how do I access them?


University Study

Explores a variety of programs available at universities aoround the county.  Learn about scholarships, application procedures and more!


Travel Opportunities

Spend time volunteering, learning or just travelling.

Chatter High

An innovative, fun and useful resource for exploring post-secondary options.  You can even compete for cash!!


Outward Bound

A summer program that cultivates resilience, leadership, connections and compassion through inspiring and challenging journeys of self-discovery in the natural world.  See the front office for more information.


Government of Saskatchewan Student Assistance


School Finder

This website helps students find schools AND schools find students.  It also provides a listing of scholarships.


Career Portfolios

A career portfolio is a visual representation of who you are.  It highlights your skills, abilities, knowledge and talents.  It can be used not only as part of a job interview, college admissions interview, scholarship application or school leadership position, but as a self-reflection piece that shows the progress and growth you have made through your efforts and hard work.

NBCHS Academic Advisor

Preparing you with the essential skills and competencies you need to achieve your dreams is our passion.  Helping you become more aware of yourself, your interests and what drives you enables you to make wise career choices that will ultimately shape your future.  Come visit us for information on scholarships, post-econdary reuirements, credit checks, portfolio creation, job shadowing, career testing and individual career counseling.

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