1. Attention Grade 11 and 12 IB students. If you are planning on writing exams in May 2021 there is an important registration  meeting being held Thursday, October 29th at noon SHARP in the Large Lecture Theatre.  All students planning on writing their exams MUST attend.

2. Concert Band will be on Wednesday and Thursday morning this week only.

3. Grade 7/8 Band will meet Wednesday Oct 28th at noon. Bring your lunch to the Band Room right when dismissed.

4. The SRC is promoting Halloween on Friday, Oct. 30th with a costume contest.
    Prizes awarded for each category:
     - greatest % of the class in costumes
     - funniest costume
     - scariest costume
     - best group (cohort only)
     - best homemade

5. Students that have books signed out of the library from last school year, must return to the library by October 30, otherwise these items will be charged to their student fees.

Cafe Menu Oct. 27th - Oct. 30th
Tuesday: Thai chicken rice bowls with wicked tai sauce, served with spring rolls
Wednesday: Bacon and chicken burgers served with O'brian potatoes and coleslaw
Thursday: Chicken taco salad
Friday: Halloween Chaos poutine